Consumers Are Not Avoiding These Coffee Brands in 2024

Coffee has become an integral part of our lives, and the demand for good, unique, and sustainable coffee is on the rise. To highlight the fastest-growing coffee brands in the world, we consulted sales data, revenue growth, and other statistics from companies like Yelp and public disclosures.

TNI King Coffee, founded by Ms. Thao Diep Hoang Le, aims to put Vietnamese coffee on the world’s map by sourcing its Robusta line from Buon Ma Thuot, Vietnam’s coffee capital, Ethiopia, Brazil, Kenya, and Indonesia. The company offers three different models: Luxury, Premium, and Express, catering to any community around the world.

Beans & Brews Coffeehouse, a Utah-based company, is changing stereotypes about the once coffee-tabooed region by using locally roasted beans and giving back to the communities it serves. They have developed their own coffee flavor coding system, the “FBA” system, which designates each drink with its own flavor, body, and acidity code.

Elliano’s Coffee, a drive-thru coffee shop located throughout Alabama, Florida, and Georgia, is committed to delivering “Italian Quality at America’s Pace.” Inspired by the specialty coffee industry on a trip to the Pacific Northwest, founders Scott and Pam Stewart saw an opportunity to deliver specialty coffee to their Florida town of Lake City in 2002. Elliano’s prides itself on treating franchise owners like family and offers a variety of coffee options, including hot espresso and coffee, iced espresso and coffee, blended drinks, energy drinks, smoothies, milkshakes, tea, and food items.

Aroma Joe’s, a family-owned East Coast-born coffee company, has been family-owned since 2000 and has over 110 shops spread throughout Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, and Florida. In 2012, it developed its own line of Energy Drinks called AJ’s Rush, which serves as the base for their AJ Signature flavors. In 2019, Aroma’s coffee program revamped to focus on ethical sourcing and sustainability, with 100% Rain Forest Certified beans and annual audits of bean suppliers to ensure they meet strict environmental, social, and economic criteria.

Ziggi’s Coffee, a coffee-exclusive restaurant, offers a unique blend of coffee, tea, and food items. With over 60 stores in the US, these coffee brands are proving to be a popular choice for those looking to switch from bland, mass-produced coffee.

Ziggi’s, a coffee shop founded in Colorado in 2004, aims to serve a convenient and superior cup of coffee with service customers can rely on. The company has partnered with CharlieJoe Chai to donate $1 from every cup on Human Trafficking Awareness Day (Jan 11) to support organizations that do the noble work of combating Human Trafficking. Ziggi’s menu includes boba drinks, coffee, tea, blended drinks, energy drink blends, a food menu, and a fun “Little Beans” kid’s menu.

The Human Bean, a Portland-based company, started as a kiosk in Ashland, Oregon in 1998 and is an early adopter of the drive-thru format. It boasts a unique chemical-free decaffeination process known as the Swiss Water Process, which allows osmosis and water solubility to kick the caffeine to the curb. The company’s quality beans come from its in-house “Farm Friendly Direct” program, which pays coffee growers higher than market prices. Overages from this program are given back to the farming community in the form of infrastructure improvements, solar energy, school building, and well digging.

Biggby Coffee is committed to conscious capitalism, focusing on single-origin, farm-direct coffee. They currently have a farm direct relationship with Wana Chipoya and Living Hope International, an orphanage and coffee farm outside of Ndola founded by Wana Chipoya. Biggby offers Crème Freeze Smoothies, Red Bull Mocktails, tea, and an impressive food and kid’s menu.

Tim Hortons, a Canadian franchise founded by retired professional ice hockey players Tim Horton and Ron Joyce in 1964, is known for its “double-double” coffee drink, made exclusively from 100% Arabica beans. Their offerings have gone from just coffee and donuts to soups, salads, and whole-grain breakfast sandwiches. They also have a charitable foundation, The Tim Horton Children’s Foundation, which is committed to supporting youth by offering camp experiences and year-round programs.

Dunkin’, an American staple since 1948, serves about 30 cups globally every second and over 1.9 billion each year. Since its conception, Dunkin’ has introduced over 100 donut flavor varieties and has switched to more sustainable packaging with compostable and recyclable materials. In the name of sustainability, Dunkin’ has introduced plant-based menu items, such as its Beyond Sausage Sandwich.

Dutch Bros is another coffee chain that has been a part of the coffee industry since its inception in 1946.

Dutch Bros is the 36th fastest-growing company in the U.S., known for its friendly baristas, seasonally changing menu, and great rewards program. They are committed to using only sustainably sourced beans from fair-trade farms in Brazil, Columbia, and El Salvador and are Rainforest Alliance Certified. In addition to their coffee, they offer teas, Rebel Energy Drink mixers, smoothies, hot chocolate, boba, bakery items, and breakfast sandwiches at some of their stores.

Caribou Coffee, founded in 1992 in Edina, Minnesota, is known for its excellent customer service, quality control, gourmet offerings, clean-label beverages, and sustainability. They also use real chocolate chips in their drinks, which is not the standard for most coffee companies. This year, they are running a partnership with the International Women’s Coffee Alliance (IWCA) where 10% of their Amy’s Blend proceeds will be donated to the global nonprofit organization.

Cinnabon is the 25th fastest-growing brand in the U.S. currently, and it is about time they got the recognition they deserve. When it first started inside a mall, it hired professional chef Jerilyn Brusseau, a.k.a “CinnaMom,” to create the perfect cinnamon roll. Its Cold Brew Iced coffees are the most popular, with the signature Cinnamon Roll Cold Brew being the best-selling.

Wawa is the 5th fastest-growing company in the U.S. currently, a convenience store/gas station that is taking the country by storm. It sells exclusively sustainably sourced coffee through the Rainforest Alliance, a fair-trade certification that protects coffee farmers globally from exploitation. Wawa uses sustainable bamboo stirrers and encourages customers to use refillable mugs.

Scooter’s Coffee is the fastest-growing U.S. coffee brand of 2024, with 1,000 locations in the U.S. Scooter’s Coffee has a fast drive-thru style that appeals to early commuters on the go. The coffee shop opened in Bellevue, Nebraska, in 2000, and opened its first franchise in Council Bluffs, Iowa the following year. The franchise is customizable, with innovative location types including kiosks and coffeehouse drive-thrus.

In addition to free coffee days, Scooter’s also has themed days such as “Talk Like a Pirate Day,” on which employees dress up as pirates. Customers can earn points and free products through an app.

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