A Coffee Roastery in Finland Has Launched an AI-Generated Blend, the Results Were Surprising

Kaffa Roastery, a Finnish artisan roastery, has launched an AI-developed coffee blend called “AI-conic” in Finland. The blend, which includes four types of beans, is the result of a joint project between Kaffa and local AI consultancy Elev. The AI was tasked with crafting a blend that would ideally suit coffee enthusiasts’ tastes, pushing the boundaries of conventional flavor combinations. Kaffa Roastery’s managing director and founder Svante Hampf said the two partners wanted to trial how AI and its tools could be of help in coffee roasting, a traditional artisan profession highly valued in Finland.

The AI created the coffee package label and a detailed taste description, stating “AI-conic” is a well-balanced blend of sweetness and ripe fruit. Kaffa’s coffee experts agreed that the tech-assisted blend was perfect after the first test roasting and blind testing. Elev’s spokesman Antti Merilehto said “AI-conic is a tangible example of how AI can introduce new perspectives to seasoned professionals” while offering coffee lovers new taste experiences.

Kaffa Roastery hopes the trial serves as an opener of dialogue between coffee professionals about the future in Finland, a nation with a strong coffee culture and a passion for technology with a flourishing startup scene. Hampf said the project brought together “the artisan skills of a roastery” and AI-provided data, and that AI has plenty to offer in the long run.

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