Baristas Share The Most Annoying Things Customers Do On A Daily Basis

Baristas are known for their efficiency, friendliness, and ability to serve perfect coffee. However, there are some annoying customer behaviors they often encounter. Chicago-based barista Catherine (not her real name) shares her tips on how to help her local barista retain her “favorite customer” status.

Catherine believes that the job is a low-impact way to connect with the community, as she gets to know her clientele’s orders and can start drinks before they even come up to the counter. She estimates that about 60% of her neighborhood shop’s clientele are regulars, making her feel like she’s in a small town even when she lives in a big city.

One of the biggest daily headaches for Catherine is people who seem to have just landed from another planet and are unclear how a coffee shop works. To help her barista retain her sanity, Catherine suggests following her advice on helping her local barista.

1. Not Knowing Where You Are: When a customer asks for a drink, Catherine politely describes the drink served in her shop, rather than saying, “Ma’am, this isn’t a Starbucks.” This helps customers realize where they are and begin perusing the menu, much to the delight of everyone behind them in line.

2. Not Knowing What — Or Who — Is In Front Of You: If you’re in your car at a coffee drive-thru, you can ignore the dashboard while your drink is being prepared. In a coffee shop, what’s in front of you is a human being, and she needs to interact with you. Catherine estimates that every tenth person who walks up to the counter is trying simultaneously to place an order while having a big, serious conversation on their phone.

To maintain a good relationship with your barista, Catherine recommends paying attention to her for the 30 seconds it takes to place an order and making eye contact with her. By following these tips, you can help your local barista maintain your “favorite customer” status and maintain a positive customer experience.

In a coffee shop, customers often find themselves at the front of a line, and even basic questions can be confusing. The barista is responsible for making sure customers have exactly what they want, and it’s crucial to know their own preferences to please them and navigate through the line.

While waiting in line, customers can do some pre-work to move the transaction along. For example, customers who take stock of their surroundings can make the transaction smoother. For example, if a customer orders an iced vanilla latte and notices a hot cappuccino on the counter, they should hold onto their order details for a little bit longer. If the shop goes by first names, remember the one you gave them.

Some strange things can happen to people as soon as they place an order, such as developing immediate amnesia, where their brain wipes out all knowledge of what just took place at the register. This can lead to customers running away to the back of the shop or the bathroom, without receiving any response. This can lead to the need to make a brand new drink as the shop doesn’t allow reheating drinks.

Even if customers act rudely, they can still tip big. The barista really wants the drink to be the perfect temperature, make them happy, and leave a big, fat tip in gratitude. By working with the barista a little bit here, people, and working together, everything will work out fine.

In conclusion, customers at coffee shops often face challenges when trying to make transactions smoother. Baristas are responsible for making sure customers have the right drink, temperature, and temperature, and they want their customers to leave a big tip in gratitude. By working with the barista and taking care of their surroundings, customers can ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience.

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