Bringing Tech In: How Coffee Businesses Can Maintain Brand Identity While Enhancing Their Reach

In the craft coffee industry, maintaining brand identity while embracing innovation is a complex task. This balance is crucial as businesses face labor issues, supply chain issues, and the pressure of rent and operational costs. In the latest episode of Krow Knows, Mouyyad Abdulhadi, CEO and co-founder of Pax & Beneficia Coffee and founder of BaristaGPT, discusses the challenges and opportunities presented by delivery services and digital platforms in the coffee industry. Strategies for coffee shops to maintain customer loyalty and competitive pricing amid rising operational costs are also discussed. The role of technology in enhancing the efficiency and reach of coffee businesses without compromising brand identity is also discussed. Abdulhadi’s background in digital marketing and passion for coffee make him a leading figure in the coffee business, showcasing his expertise in blending traditional business models with modern technological solutions.

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