Edward’s coffee order has Starbucks barista begging to end TikTok trend

What the Frapp?

This sticky, tricky Starbucks order has social media buzzing with extra whipped cream, caramel syrup drizzle, pumps of cinnamon dulce and honey, five bananas, and more.

Even the most experienced barista would need a post-shift drink thanks to the TikTok trend that inspired the sloppy mix.

Over the weekend, a Starbucks employee named Josie took to Twitter to rant about a customer named Edward who had ordered a complicated Venti Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappuccino.

In a now-viral tweet Saturday, the coffee-craftswoman complained, “On [today’s] episode of why I want to leave my job.”

His digital complaint was followed by a photograph of “Edward’s double blended” drink and the 13 sweetly precise ingredients it needed — a recipe that irritated Josie.

However, Edward’s crowded Starbucks drink is only one of many that have been influenced by a recent TikTok trend that encourages coffee drinkers to get ridiculously adventurous with their orders.

Hundreds of personalised beverages from the café chain’s unofficial “hidden menu” are being shared under the hashtag #Starbucks by creative content developers for their fans and fellow patrons to buy.

The good news is that coffee connoisseurs are inventing new ways to spice up their brew.

The bad news is that baristas despise preparing these time-consuming and elaborate treats. A fellow Starbucks employee tweeted, “This order comes in every other week,” empathising with Josie with an image of a Green Tea Creme Frappuccino with 29 supplementary requirements.

With a flick of a Caffè Misto and over 30 additional requests, another coffee maker snarled, “I raise you this.”


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