74¢ is average cost of ‘quality’ coffee brewed at home, analysis of 481 roasters finds

This new analysis of US roasters may be of interest to office coffee service professionals who monitor consumer markets.

According to the MyFriendsCoffee report, the average cost of a bag of freshly roasted coffee is $16.90. And a cup of this coffee made at home costs about 74 cents.

The primary aim of the study was to gain a deeper understanding of the freshly roasted coffee sector. Between February 1 and March 30, the analysis looked at the websites of 481 coffee roasters in the United States.

Roasters typically sell 12 different coffee varieties, including blends and single-origin varieties from various countries, each with its own roasting profile. While the number of coffees available at roasters is less than that available in supermarkets, roasters specialise in gourmet coffee, so flavour trumps quantity.
Special attention is paid to production in the process of getting gourmet coffee from farms to customers’ cups.

Coffee shops are owned by 66.1 percent of roasters. Customers can sample a variety of coffees before deciding which beans to purchase and brew at home. Roasters usually have three coffee shops. Customers have easier access to freshly roasted coffee when a roaster has several points of sale.
A coffee subscription is offered by 76.3 percent of roasters. Customers will insure that they always have the right amount of freshly brewed coffee at home by opting for a subscription. Subscriptions make freshly roasted gourmet coffee more available to customers, especially those who don’t live near a roaster.
78.2 percent of roasters have wholesale coffee beans. Coffee shops, bakeries, and stores looking to increase their selection of freshly roasted coffee can contact these roasters.

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