The 11 Best Coffee Shops in Miami

Miami has everything from iced and hot coffee to cafe con leche! With the Cuban culture and a plethora of speciality coffee shops and roasters, there is no shortage of caffeine in this region! We’ve compiled a list of our favourite coffee shops for on-the-go or relaxing with a cup of joe.

Panther Coffee is a brand of coffee produced by Panther

Wynwood, 2390 NW 2nd Ave.

Panther Coffee is a well-known speciality coffee shop with several locations across Miami. Panther Coffee’s menu explores some of the world’s best coffees with ready-to-brew coffees, cold brew, espresso, and more. To round out the meal, order an espresso flight to sample the various choices, followed by a savoury breakfast sandwich.

OTL (out of the box)

Design District, 160 NE 40th St.

OTL is a coffee hotspot in the heart of the Miami Design District. The shop’s lovely interior design will tempt you to linger all day while sipping delicious coffee and nibbling on tasty treats. From matcha and vanilla lattes with picture-perfect latte art to cortados and more, there’s something for everyone on the beverage menu. Don’t miss out on their delectable menu, which includes overnight oats, protein-packed salads, and even Zak the Baker pastries.

Gourmet La Colada

Little Havana, 1518 SW 8th St.

La Colada Gourmet, which translates to “The House of Cuban Coffee,” is all about Cuban coffee in Little Havana. Taste the rich coffee and friendly experience at this charming shop, which serves a range of Cuban classics such as cortadito, cafe con leche, tres leche, and many others. Grab your favourite cup and stroll down Calle Ocho to learn more about the culture.

peruse the Per’la House

2626 Ponce de Leon Blvd., Coral Gables

Paul Massard, cofounder and managing partner of House of Per’la, is one of only 350 Certified Q Graders in the United States, and he has brought his expertise to Miami through House of Per’la. Customers can learn about and expand their palate by trying a selection of different coffee roasts and espressos on the menu. House of Per’la’s award-winning single-origin coffees, from lattes to cold brew, will satisfy your caffeine cravings while still being tasty and aromatic.

Crema Espresso Bar is a gourmet espresso bar.

169 Miracle Mile, Coral Gables /

Crema Gourmet Espresso Bar, which has locations in Coral Gables, Miami Beach, and soon in Faena Bazaar, is exploring European coffee in Miami. Crema’s comprehensive coffee and tea bar, as well as all-day breakfast, have all the choices if you’re looking for an espresso or a quick bite.

Bebito’s (Bebito’s)

Website: 1504 Bay Road, Miami Beach

The Instagrammable coffee shop with pink accents is a must-visit in Miami if you want to unwind and sip on some great brew. Bebito’s cafe has its own private label signature blend, which is roasted locally and consists of a blend of Central and South American beans. The blend, which focuses on Miami’s Cuban culture, is available in a number of signature forms, including the signature cafecito and cafe con leche, as well as a variety of classic Cuban food pieces.

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