Get Your Coffee Fix, Help Feed Families In Need: Back Of The Yards Coffee Bean Sales To Benefit Southwest Side Community Group

Back of the Yards — Coffee lovers will support a neighbourhood group on the Southwest Side by purchasing beans from a local store.

Back of the Yards Coffee, 2059 W. 47th St., has started a fundraiser to benefit The Southwest Collective by donating a portion of coffee bean sales. Jesse Iiguez, co-owner of the store, said the 47th Street blend was created with members of the Southwest Collective.

Back of the Yards Coffee has initiated a new fundraiser to help local community organisations who donate a portion of their coffee bag sales to local communities.
The 12-ounce bag costs $15.99, with $7 going to the Southwest Collective, according to Iiguez. The 47th Street blend is available in store and online.

The Southwest Collective, which was established in 2019, is a neighbourhood organisation that works in Archer Heights, Back of the Yards, Brighton Park, Gage Park, Ashburn, Chicago Lawn, West Lawn, West Elsdon, Clearing, Garfield Ridge, and Scottsdale.

Beginning in February, the organisation launched the Food Here initiative, which enlisted the help of laid-off restaurant staff to cook meals for hundreds of families affected by the pandemic. According to Executive Director Jaime Groth Searle, other projects include a Green Space initiative to resolve environmental issues, small business sponsorship, and a Freebies For Families exchange programme.

According to Searle, the group’s goal is to “break down walls and build up neighbourhoods” for families on the Southwest Side. The coffee shop fundraiser will help finance some of the group’s projects as well as create a scholarship fund for students on the Southwest Side.

Searle said, “This money [from the fundraiser] is going to be a big help.”

According to Searle, the Southwest Collective eventually hopes to establish a regional chamber of commerce where local businesses and community organisations can collaborate to support the community. According to Searle, the collaboration is also a promising example of how companies and community organisations can “help each other in a meaningful way.”

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