Ready for Iced-Coffee Season? This Sleek New Machine Creates Cold Brew in 90 Seconds

With summer on the way, caffeine addicts don’t need much of a reminder that we’re heading into iced-coffee territory. However, you can need a dependable countertop machine to deliver your chilled coffee. The Osma Pro is here to help. In just 90 seconds, this new countertop coffee maker promises to make premium cold brew. That’s less time than it takes to order a cup of coffee from your neighbourhood coffee shop.

For the past two years, Osma, a San Francisco-based startup, has been designing the machine with the aid of other small Bay Area companies. The Osma Pro, dubbed “the ultimate personal brewing experience,” aims to combine the best features of cold brew and espresso setups in one lightweight and distinctly streamlined unit.

The Osma Pro’s patent-pending method uses harmonics and recirculation technology to cold-extract as many flavours, compounds, and aromas as possible. Basically, you grind your coffee beans like an espresso, load them into the portafilter, fill a tumbler with ice and 8 oz water, set it on the Osma, and press start. After that, the pump does its magic by recirculating water from the tumbler through the coffee in the filter. All the good stuff from the grounds is extracted by applying pressure.

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