Viral McDonald’s hack mixing thickshake with coffee shot declared ‘best ever’ on TikTok

The “best life hack ever,” according to an Australian man who wanted to put a viral Macca’s coffee trick to the test. Brad Canning, a Melbourne resident, saw a video from the United Kingdom in which a woman ordered a vanilla thickshake and an espresso at a McDonald’s drive-through.

Melika’s TikTok video has gained a lot of attention, with over 2.6 million views since it was posted last week. Canning wanted to try out the trend in Australia, but his 386,000 Instagram followers found a problem with the drink hack. “To suggest I dashed to my car would be an understatement; I wasn’t even wearing shoes. “I’m going to try this right now,” he started in his “stitched” video “Melika’s, to be precise.

He took the two things from the drive-through and pulled up to put the hack to the test. “Okay, I’ve got my thickshake and my tiny little espresso; I probably should have gotten a double shot, but whatever. Let us give it a shot.” He takes a drink after pouring the espresso into the shake and giving it a “nice stir” with the regular McDonald’s paper straw. “Okay, uh ha,” he says before concluding his remarks. “This is, without a doubt, the greatest life hack ever. Furthermore, a single shot was appropriate.”

“I’m pretty sure Macca’s has had coffee shakes for at least a year,” said another. Others, however, said that the hack was not the same as the coffee shake. “This is a vanilla shake with coffee,” one said, “but it won’t taste like a coffee shake.” “The shake is made with a syrup… Nothing beats a good espresso shot “another asserted

McDonald’s Australia told that real coffee is used in its shakes, but some found out that Canning’s tended to be combined with a chocolate thickshake, making it a mocha shake, which is not on the Macca’s menu. People were mostly just excited about the drink idea, tagging friends and telling them they should try it the next time they’re in a restaurant.

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