Make some of the best coffee you’ve ever tasted with this $5 filter

Making bad coffee is absolutely intolerable in my life because I am married to a former Starbucks store manager. Every weekday morning, our trusty thermal Cuisinart gets the majority of the job, but on weekends and if we want coffee with dessert, we take the time to make pour-over coffee.

I strongly advise you to invest $5 in this Pour Over Cone Coffee Filter so that you can make some of the best coffee your kitchen has to offer. You’ll also need coffee (preferably freshly ground), a catch container (we like an affordable thermal carafe), a funnel, and a way to boil water, all of which you will probably find in your kitchen.

Open it up and wash it with soap and water as soon as it lands on your doormat to clear any manufacturing oils. Then start the kettle and place the filter in your funnel and the funnel in your catch jar to make your pour-over coffee maker. Fill the filter halfway with ground coffee. For every 5 oz. of water, we use 1 tablespoon of semi-coarse ground coffee. Remove the water from the heat as soon as it reaches a light boil and set it aside for about 20 seconds before slowly pouring it over the grounds.

Take a deep breath, focus yourself, and get ready to enjoy a cup of coffee that is significantly better than almost every other approach I’ve used.

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