Huntsville’s latest coffee option has wheels

There’s to-go coffee and there’s to-go coffee. Rachel Bush, a Huntsville barista, has launched a new company that combines the two. Her freethought coffee co., which is spelt in all lowercase, is a mobile coffee cart that debuted at Greene Street Market on May 6.

Bush is dressed in a biker jacket and looks like she might be in a cool band when we meet up downtown on a recent afternoon. And when she’s talking about coffee, she has a chemist’s voice. She discusses why, rather than a small permanent venue, mobile was the best forum for freethought. “Arsenal is no longer in the Premier League. She refers to two defunct local food trucks and says, “Hindsight is gone.” “I decided to develop the idea to go to farmers markets and pop-up events because there isn’t really any coffee on wheels in Huntsville.”

Apart from the ability to bring it to the people, freethought is unique in that they specialise in nitro cold brew. It takes a long time to make cold brew coffee. Bush steeps freethought’s cold brew for 22 to 24 hours, using Memphis roaster Vice & Virtue’s coffee beans. It can also be difficult to find the right grind size.

“Adding nitrogen into a keg/tap system will help balance out the body and bitter notes that you could get in a cold brew, so you end up with something a lot smoother,” Bush explains. She’s been making her cold brew with Ethiopian coffee lately, which she claims imparts bright and fruity sapors.

Two taps are available at the freethought coffee stand, which is a covered bar about the size of a large rolling tool cabinet. They charge $5 for 16-ounce cups of nitro cold brew. You can add flavoured cold foam, such as strawberries and cream made with house-made strawberry syrup, for an extra buck to add flavour and texture.

The cold foam comes in both dairy and non-dairy varieties, with the non-dairy variety made from oat milk to reduce allergens. Every week or two, she intends to switch out the cold foam flavours. Expect freethought to gradually extend its menu to include various flavours of cold brew, coffee sodas, and other beverages.

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