Stone Street Coffee Introduces Their High Caffeine Cold Brew

To meet the rising demand for cold brew coffee, Stone Street Coffee, one of the leading direct to consumer coffee firms, announced the release of its latest Cold Brew Caffeine Boost on May 17, 2021. Stone Street Coffee places a premium on freshness, and the business is built on that basis. It ensures that its coffee beans are the best they can be, from sourcing to quality assurance to their dedication to small batch roasting.

After months of research and development, the maker of Amazon’s Cold Brew is proud to announce the release of two new versions: Caffeine Boost and Caffeine Boost Mocha, which is also available for chocolate lovers!

The Colombian and Mexican beans used in the Cold Brew Caffeine Boost are dark roasted, but incredibly sweet with no bitterness. To get a boost of energy, drink it with or without milk! Cold Brew Caffeine Boost was created specifically for cold brewing and is the ideal blend for making your own extra caffeinated cold brew coffee.

This high-end coffee is for those who value high-quality beans, well-balanced flavour profiles, and freshly roasted small batch quality. “Our Research & Development team’s work has resulted in a product that we are extremely pleased with. Our artisan business relies heavily on innovation.” Marketing Manager, Lola Dorso

Stone Street Coffee is an artisanal coffee roaster based in Brooklyn, New York, that has been roasting since 2009. Every bean they sell has been roasted just over the Brooklyn Bridge, ensuring an unrivalled level of freshness. They are dedicated to the fine art of artisanal coffee, with intimate, ethical relationships with the best coffee farms and growing regions. As of Spring 2021, Stone Street Coffee is one of the highest rated brands on Amazon, and the most recognized brands on the internet.

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