The Best Coffee Grinders to Start Your Day Off Right

There’s a new king of coffee, and it’s not a pod. Okay, it isn’t entirely fresh, but it is unquestionably better. While it used to be that making coffee the old fashioned way — by grinding beans and then immersing them in hot water or pouring it over them through a filter — was too time-consuming, the best coffee grinders have ensured that you can drink fresh beans without the demanding workload.

Burr and blade grinders have made it easier for the average person to enjoy a nice cup of coffee without sacrificing taste in the morning. However, while burr grinders emphasise blend consistency over price, blade grinders are better suited for the inexperienced at-home barista, as evidenced by our top pick, the Black & Decker CBG110S. When compared to the more inexpensive manual, or hand, grinder, blade grinders strike the ideal balance of efficiency and value, making them an excellent starting point for those who have never ground their own beans before.

However, in some situations, you do not even need to buy a separate unit to brew your coffee. Many coffee makers also have built-in grinders, such as the best-in-class Cuisinart DGB-900BC, which has an integrated burr grinder at the top that controls the entire coffee making process from bean to brew. In your hunt for the best coffee grinder, anyone short on time in the mornings before work, even late sleepers, will want to pay close attention to the 12-cup automatic coffee maker.

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