The 9 best iced coffee and cold brew makers to get your fix at home

Ice, ice, coffee.

We know those aren’t the lyrics, but they may as well be for the caffeine addicts among us during the summer. A cup of iced coffee is the perfect way to cool off with a shot of caffeine when the weather warms up. We have a home-brewed alternative if you don’t have time to run to your nearest shop or don’t want to pay for an overpriced cup.

Although you can make iced coffee at home with a conventional coffee maker, ice, and a little patience, casual iced coffee drinkers know that it doesn’t taste the same.

Many of the items mentioned below will make a cup of cafe-quality iced coffee without the need for refrigeration in seconds, whereas others are designed to make the perfect cold brew at home.

Many even function with iced tea, matcha, and other refreshing drinks that will have you searching for the nearest pool to relax by this summer.

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