The Gear You Need to Make Barista-Level Coffee While Camping

What’s the best way to make the greatest camp coffee? I’m happy you inquired.

Camping is a terrific way to get away from the stresses of everyday life, but if you’re a coffee user, there’s no getting away from your addiction. While instant coffee has improved over the years—we like Alpine Start and Kujo Coffee—it still can’t compare to the joy of boiling a fresh cup (or three) of camp coffee from your own beans. From coffee machines to mugs, the following gear will enable you create a cup of joe in the outdoors that tastes even better than what you get from your home coffee maker.

Freshly ground beans are the foundation of a great cup of camp coffee. This grinder is tough and worth the space it will take up in your camping gear—only it’s six inches tall and weighs 14 ounces, so it won’t take up much room. It lets you to make the perfect-sized grounds for your favourite brewing technique thanks to stainless steel burrs and 30 different grind settings. To withstand abuse, it’s built of aircraft-grade aluminium and grinds 20 grammes of beans at a time, enough for one strong cup of coffee.

MiiR MiiR Coffee Canister courtesy of MiiR MiiR Coffee Canister has it for $30 right now.

The moment coffee beans are roasted, they begin to lose their freshness; however, keeping them in an airtight container helps to delay this process and leads to a more delicious cup. Made of medical-grade stainless steel with a gripping powder finish for ease handling, this BPA-free canister is BPA-free. You’ll find that this sleek-looking item—available in black or white—is equally at home on your kitchen counter after hauling it about in a car or bag.

GSI Outdoors Ultralight Java Drip Coffee Maker courtesy of GSI Outdoors has it for $11 right now.

This 0.4-ounce gizmo may appear to be reserved for lightweight travellers, yet it makes such wonderful coffee that it could easily replace your ceramic or glass pour-over cone at home. (Several online reviews of the product claim to have made this switch.) With its surprisingly robust plastic legs, the GSI Ultralight Java Drip fits atop any cup or mug, and no paper filters are required: simply scoop medium-fine coffee grounds into the GSI Ultralight Java Drip, carefully pour hot water over them, and you’ll be drinking in no time. The procedure is simple, and any residual grinds can be quickly washed away from the polyester filter.

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