Coffee shop changes name in grand reopening

Comma, a local coffee shop in Downtown Shawnee, celebrated its grand reopening on Friday, April 29.

According to owners Jonathan Hilton, Rebecca Hilton, Jesse Ingram, and Callie Ingram, the reopening was a success due to the high volume of visitors who came to see the shop’s new design and name.

“I felt fantastic. I was overjoyed to have everyone there, and I hope it struck a chord with everyone,” Callie said.

Friends and family flocked to the newly designed business, delighted to see the proprietors’ signature style.

“I believe it is excellent. I believe it is unlike anything else in Shawnee, and thus will provide numerous opportunities for people to support local (businesses) rather than a large corporation,” friend Janelle Rogers stated.

Years ago, the group envisioned this rebranding and began planning in October of last year.

They began remodelling the space last week and completed it just hours before Friday night’s grand reopening.

According to Johnathan, it feels incredible to have everything completed after such a long period of planning and such a short period of execution.

“Our friends and family have shown us incredible support. We’ve had people watch our children and all of these things, and I feel extremely fortunate to be at the end of a long line of people who are truly committed to doing something incredible for our city,” Jonathan explained.

Comma and its new look received positive feedback from those in attendance at the reopening.

“I enjoy it. It appears to be a lot more vibrant and simply more welcoming and homey,” Tyler Herman, a friend, observed.

The owners purchased the building that houses the coffee shop in November 2020 and operated it as The Gathering Place until Friday’s rebranding as Comma.

Each person possesses unique abilities, and when combined, the four friends form an excellent team.

Jonathan is a woodworker and designer by trade and currently works in industrial design.

Rebecca has extensive management experience, particularly in the coffee and food industries.

Callie and Jesse are both established small business owners, having operated Bayly Botanicals in the same building as the coffee shop for three years and Bayly Blooms, a wedding floral design company, for five years.

Comma, Callie explained, is a synthesis of all their best ideas and talents.

“We enjoyed what was happening previously, but we’re really excited to be able to do this as a foursome,” Callie explained. “We’re a partnership of four people, and this is the four of us doing what we’re best at individually because we believe that’s what we should give to our home.”

The owners explained that the new name reflects the pauses people frequently take throughout the day and the opportunities those pauses can provide.

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