Every Time I Use This Coffee-Infused Face Mask, My Skin Looks Like It Just Chugged a Double Venti Latte

Coffee is one of my favourite topics to write about. Coffee makers, barista-inspired gadgets, and new caffeinated products that help me get a buzz are perks of my job. I’ve discovered that it wakes up my brain, gets things moving, and, less obviously, is also a hero for my skin health.

Yes, the same cup of coffee that energises me each morning also energises my skin. Specifically, this latte-inspired mask from Millie Bobby Brown’s own beauty brand, Florence By Mills. Twice per week, I apply the Feed Your Soul Love U A Latte Mask ($18), and twice per week, my face resembles that of a person who has just downed three espresso shots.

As previously stated, coffee’s reputation precedes it as a beverage. Yes, it is loaded with caffeine, giving you an energy and mood boost when you need it. But dietitians love it for other nutritional reasons as well: it’s an antioxidant powerhouse that boosts immunity against diseases and inflammation, it’s loaded with essential vitamins, and it stimulates the nervous system to get things moving faster, including the bowels.

It turns out that it works just as well externally as it does internally. Coffee seed powder and oil, which are the primary components of the Florence By Mills coffee mask, contain all of these wonderful nutrients and antioxidants, which also benefit the skin. Specifically, it contains vitamin B5, which softens and evens the skin’s texture, and potassium, which promotes regeneration and new growth. What a potent concoction!

Also, I adore this multipurpose mask for its gentle exfoliation, which is powered by coffee. Although it can be used as a mask, it is also a deep-cleansing scrub formulated with physical grounds to remove dead skin, dirt, and grime. As someone who has tried numerous physical exfoliants, I am impressed by how delicate the Florence By Mills mask is. It is neither so fine and abrasive that it is ineffective nor so coarse that it causes skin irritation. Consider it the Goldilocks of exfoliants, as a single application leaves your skin “just right.”

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