Coffee To Eat: Legendary Japanese Barista Launches Edible Espresso

There are candy bars with a coffee flavour sold in supermarkets. However, the new coffeedust bar is distinct. Consider the following: there are hot chocolate beverages and chocolate bars, and espresso and coffeedust bars. The edible coffee bars were created by the legendary barista and owner of Bear Pond Espresso in Tokyo, Katsuyuki Tanaka.

His coffeedust bar brand, EXPERIENCE, contains the same ingredients as his espresso: coffee beans, water, milk, and a touch of sugar, but no cacao beans.

Five years ago, he was approached by an American boutique hotel chain to become a business partner and operate a unique café concept in all of its locations. He accepted the invitation and brought up a number of “wild and exciting ideas.” Unfortunately, Covid-19 annihilated the project.

What remained, however, was the concept of coffee that could be consumed. “Through the project, I met numerous new individuals who were unfamiliar with the flavour of my coffee. I was frustrated that I could not immediately offer them a taste of my cup. Therefore, I decided to create solid, portable coffee bars that I could pull out of my pocket like business cards and offer to my clients.”

Within the retro-chic wrapping paper is a thin, chocolate-like dark rectangle. In the mouth, the texture is uniquely sandy, followed by a smoky, robust espresso flavour.

“Because we are all accustomed to smooth, silky chocolate bars, some individuals dislike the coarse texture. However, this is the purpose of my coffeedust bar,” explains Tanaka. If everyone enjoys the flavour, the product is merely average. I want to create something unique and memorable for a small audience. These individuals are inquisitive and receptive to new experiences. They attempt to identify what they are tasting, and their minds become accustomed to the experience. Now they want to recommend it to everyone.”

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