Review: Breville’s Barista Express Impress delivers consistent, good quality coffee

As I’ve gotten older and realised I need to take care of my body, I’ve given up quite a few vices, including meat, dairy, and alcohol.

However, one thing has remained constant: the caffeine kick provided by high-quality coffee.

New Zealand’s coffee culture produces a long black that is unquestionably superior to Scotland’s, and now that I own my third Breville Barista Express coffee machine, I can continue to enjoy and recreate the café atmosphere at home.

However, something could always go wrong. Too much extraction, too little extraction, insufficient tamping, or excessive force – especially for a perfectionist such as myself.

Could Breville’s new machine alleviate some of these annoyances and produce a consistently excellent cup of coffee? Here are my thoughts after using the Breville Barista Express Impress for a few weeks.

There’s a reason I keep returning to Breville’s coffee-making products: they’re pretty damn good at delivering what I want. This time around, the addition of a more enclosed dosing system and tamping arm aims to remove the element of guesswork from the tamping process.

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