Neighbourhood Coffee Releases First-Ever Fully Compostable Product That Can Be Used With Keurigs

Neighbourhood Coffee Company, a Toronto-based female-led coffee producer, has introduced fully compostable, single-serving coffee pods, becoming the first roaster in Canada to offer biodegradable coffee pods. The eco-friendly pods are compatible with all single-serving Keurig machines and come in two flavors: Medium-Dark Roast Signature Blend and Annex Artisanal Espresso Roast. The pods are made entirely of plant-based materials and are Biodegradable Products Institute-certified. They take 17 to 25 days to fully break down.

Plastic coffee pods have a significant carbon footprint, generating more emissions than other methods of making coffee due to the production process and waste. Neighbourhood Coffee Company’s biodegradable pods prevent unnecessary waste in landfills and reduce carbon emissions. Companies across the U.S. are making eco-friendly changes to reduce their environmental impact, with Yoplait launching reusable, glass yogurt containers to replace their original plastic ones.

Neighbourhood Coffee Company’s leaders are excited to take this step toward a greener future, combining innovation with sustainability while still delivering the vibrant microroasted flavors they are known for. The company’s commitment to sustainability is a testament to their commitment to a more sustainable future.

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