TikTok Viewers Defend Starbucks Worker Who Called Out Customer’s ‘Drink Hack’

Starbucks has faced criticism for its drive-thru system, with many baristas expressing frustration with such hacks. A woman on TikTok, Candace, filmed herself trying to order a “drink hack” and was stopped by a barista in the drive-thru. Candace ordered three shots of espresso in a grande cup, iced with two Splendas, a splash of oat milk, and the rest water. The barista informed her that she couldn’t fill the cup all the way with water, so she would have to charge her for the Americano. Candace argued that other baristas have complied with her drink order in the past.

Candace shared that this has been her drink hack since she started the Weight Watchers program since it only equals four points. Starbucks’ website states that the iced Americano, which is essentially what Candace was trying to order, only has espresso shots, ice, and water. It’s only 15 calories. But the way Candace was ordering it is about $1 cheaper than ordering a straight-up iced Americano. In the app, it is possible to place such an order, but it’s up to the barista making it to determine what “extra water” means. Some workers, like the one Candace encountered, refuse to fill up the cup all the way.

The Daily Dot reached out to Candace via TikTok comment and direct message as well as Starbucks via press email. Many viewers sided with the barista in the comments section, stating that they get defensive when someone calls them out. Some users shared possible reasons why the barista called out Candace’s “hack,” such as the company forcing them to address it when a hack gets too popular.

Several companies have cracked down on TikTok hacks, such as Chipotle charging for extra sides after the $3 burrito hack went viral, and Waffle House refusing to make anything customers see on TikTok.

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