International Coffee Tasting Registration Opens

International Coffee Tasting, organized by IIAC, is set to open registration for its sixteenth edition in 2024. The competition, which took place in 2023, saw 750 products from 14 countries competed, tasted by over 60 tasters over six months. The competition aims to provide a fair and independent test for roasters, allowing them to evaluate their products objectively and enhance them for the final consumer. The competition is among the most selective in food and beverage, awarding less than 25% of the competing products with the Gold Medal in 2023.

The competition uses tasters who operate blindly, without knowing the product, and processing over 120,000 tasting data through statistical tools to evaluate their quality and arrive at statistically validated sensory profiles. The formula for calculating the score awarded to the products in the tender is public, available on the International Coffee Tasting website.

The competition also provides an opportunity for professionals to compare themselves on market trends and practice the Iiac method. The work of sensory judges is carefully controlled by statistical indicators, allowing for a better understanding of the consistency and alignment of tasters.

Iiac has also elaborated the performances of all tasters who participated in the 2023 edition, announcing Manolo Marcandalli as the IIAC Best Taster. Marcandalli expresses his satisfaction with the recognition, stating that being a sensory judge is like having a large magnifying glass on the best products on the market and the trends of the moment.

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