Starbucks Announces Colorful Cups for Summer — and an Improvement to the Order-Ahead Process

Starbucks is introducing a new line of colorful drinkware for the summer season, starting on May 28. The Peach Bling cold cup, adorned with “radiant peach studs,” is available in two sizes: 16 ounces ($23) and 24 ounces ($25). The Flowers and Forest cold cup, featuring a mushroom straw topper, is available in a 24-ounce version ($25). The “translucent green,” 24-ounce Canna Lily Butterfly cold cup ($25) has butterfly wing designs on the outside and comes with a butterfly straw topper. The Gradient Petal multipurpose cup ($20) is designed with abstract blue and purple petals and can be used as a cold or hot cup.

Starbucks is also partnering with queer artist Sofie Birkin, who created an inspiring collection celebrating the LGBTQ+ community. The three new cups, including the Peach Bling Cold Cup Duo, are available in stores starting May 28. Starbucks also announced upgrades to the way online orders are tracked, improving the estimated order ready time calculation in the Starbucks app when a customer uses the order ahead feature. A PEOPLE staffer tested the process and confirmed that the ETA was accurate.

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