Stumptown Coffee: A Diversified Coffee Roaster Plus Retailer Survives The Pandemic


Because so many people are staying home and not going out, Stumptown Coffee’s online coffee bean sales have risen 200%.

And it’s now selling five-pound bags to meet the demand. Its grocery sales are up 85%.

Of course, the pandemic has also been a mixed blessing for Stumptown’s store sales. All of its dozen cafes have been shuttered since March 17.

Overall, Stumptown Coffee’s business is down 20%, explained Mallory Pilcher, its director of brand from its Portland, Or. headquarters. “With everyone closing down, we saw our enormous channels shift from retail and wholesale to our consumer packaged goods grocery store business and direct to consumer business,” she said.

Stumptown Coffee has cachet. For many fans, it’s the antidote to Starbucks, the global powerhouse, which some perceive as too corporate.

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