Coffeeholic House Brews Vietnamese Coffee In Colombia City


SEATTLE — A Seattle coffee shop is bucking trends during the COVID-19 crisis. While many local businesses and restaurants have had to shut their doors, Coffeeholic House opened theirs.

Chen Dien and his wife worked for about a year to get the coffee shop off the ground. They were finally ready to open when the pandemic hit.

“Yes, we opened hours after the stay at home order,” said Dien. “So we were worried about anybody showing up during that period of time.”

Things did get off to a slow start, but Dien says business soon turned around and orders began pouring in. Coffeeholic House serves Vietnamese style coffee – something that was missing in the caffeine saturated city of Seattle.

“Everybody’s loved the coffee,” said Dien. “It’s just something really unique and flavorful and bold and you can actually taste the coffee.”

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