The Tiny Colorado Springs Downtown Coffee Shop With A Big Back Story


There are bigger coffee shops. In fact, about every other one in town is bigger.

The reason that Story Coffee is small — like, tiny house small — goes back to an epic family road trip. Don Niemyer will tell you about it, if you have time, when you walk into his strikingly small coffee shop in the heart of downtown Colorado Springs.

First, he’ll say, it doesn’t really start with the road trip.

“Like every great story, it all started as a love story,” Niemyer likes to say.

The love story began on Halloween night in 2002, when Niemyer walked into a coffee shop in Dallas. He was visiting from Colorado Springs and noticed a barista dressed as “a saucy little hippie.” Her name was Carissa. The two spent a couple of days together and at the end of the weekend, he asked Carissa if he could call her when he got back to Colorado. She said yes. They were married seven months later.

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