6 Easy Ways To Make Your Coffee Taste Like It Came From The Coffee Shop

From: msn.com

Do you remember the last time you whiled away time at a coffee shop? For me, it was March 2, just two weeks before our world was shut down by the COVID-19 pandemic. I met up with a friend and we chatted for hours as we sipped our drinks — an Americano with cream for me — and noshed on cookies. We were blissfully unaware that it would be our last time sharing such a moment for the indefinite future.

For many of us, coffee shops aren’t just about the coffee drinks but the experiences that come with them. From working for hours on a project with a steady flow of drip coffee to overhearing an awkward first date while sipping an expertly crafted latte, coffee shops are unique ecosystems. While we can’t recreate everything about them, we can at least channel our inner barista and up our coffee game at home ― whether or not your local coffee shop has re-opened.

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