Coffee Shop Supports Local Musicians With Digital Album


In addition to serving what some call the area’s best coffee, Pressed Coffee and Books in Pottsville wants to accomplish what it hopes others do for them: supporting local businesses and local people.

“I believe that the people here are totally capable of pulling this town up by its bootstraps and continuing to push on,” Timothy Mengle, events manager and barista at Pressed, said.

The coffee shop on Mahantongo Street is now supporting musicians from the area. This week, Pressed released a compilation album of artists who have performed at the coffee shop.

Mengle helped lead the project.

“I want to champion the musicians here because I’ve traveled the world, and some of the greatest musicians I know are from this town,” Mengle added.

The 11-song album features 11 different artists and bands and is available digitally for $5 online.

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