Roasterie Brings Caring And Community Through Coffee


Scott Haglund loves coffee. He loves the smell of it, he loves the taste of it, he loves the process of preparing it, and more than anything – he loves that it brings people together.

Haglund’s passion for good cup of coffee — and all the details that go into it — is what made it a natural transition for him to open up Straight River Coffee, Owatonna’s first roasterie.

“There is this element of sitting around a table with a cup of coffee, and talking and connecting with people – I think that is part of what I enjoy the most about coffee,” Haglund said as he shared his vision of everything that Straight River Coffee could become inside the space of the former Budget Mart gas station on 26th Street. While cups of coffee cannot be purchased inside the store, the permeable aroma of rich and decadent coffee wafting through the building and out into the street during the day, luring people in simply through their noses.

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