The Best Pour-Over Coffee Sets For Brewing The Perfect Cup Of Joe At Home


Looking to up your barista game—or just give a new style of coffee a whirl? It may be time to step away from the French press then and try making a cup or two of pour-over coffee.

Pour-over coffee is revered for its deep, intense flavors that are often stronger than those produced via other brewing methods. This is partly due to the slow, painstaking process that goes into making it. However, on the surface, it’s simple enough to pull off, so you won’t need to be a pro barista to make it happen. To make pour-over coffee you’ll just need a few utensils—namely a carafe and a filter. Place the filter in the top portion of the carafe, fill it with your coffee beans of choice, and boil some water. Once the water has cooled and it’s no longer at a rolling boil, pour it into the filter. It’s a delicate process, as you’ll have to pour a bit at a time and let the coffee drip through to the bottom of the carafe. The result is a truly delicious cup of coffee.

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