Robo Café captures headlines, improves coffee-making speed and precision

Vending innovator RC Coffee reported that its Robo Café specialty coffee kiosk continues to make headlines in Canada, its home nation, and beyond. According to the company, the Robot Café is shifting the perception of unattended coffee from traditional vending machines to predictable quality.

“We also make the customer experience seamless [by] offering a contactless interface where users simply place their order via the RC Coffee app, scan their QR code at the machine and the robot barista begins carefully preparing their customized beverage,” said the company’s recent blog post.

Separately, RCC said it has upgraded the robotic espresso kiosk from a single-spout to a dual-spout system, doubling the machine’s productivity. Additionally, a new robotic arm design, improving precision and speed, has replaced Robo Café’s original delivery mechanism that moved on an X-Y coordinate grid.

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