This ‘Perfectly Calibrated’ Coffee Keeps You Alert Without the Jitters

Taika is the solution if you enjoy the flavour of coffee but not the way it makes you feel. As someone who is extremely sensitive to caffeine, a cup of coffee makes me nervous and leaves me feeling just as exhausted as I did before I took my first drink. Then I discovered Taika, an adaptogen-infused coffee that gives you a jolt of energy without leaving you feeling jittery. It’s the first cup of coffee that makes me feel awake without making me feel like my heart is trying to exit my chest.

Michael Sharon and Kal Freese, two persons who, like myself, enjoy coffee but don’t like the unpleasant side effects, founded Taika. Freese is a master barista who was recognised among the top 10 finest baristas in the world in 2015, and he was suffering the effects of working as a barista. Sharon, a former Facebook project manager, began using adaptogens to help him cope with his coffee-induced anxiety. The two collaborated to develop a cold coffee that was properly tuned and ready to sip.

Each can includes 120 mg of caffeine, compared to 250 mg in a comparable-sized cold brew, as well as the adaptogens l-theanine, ashwagandha, lion’s mane, reishi, and cordyceps militari. Sharon explains, “We constructed something that was kind of like a Trojan horse.” “It looked amazing, tasted even better, and was secretly lot healthier than any other coffee,” says the author. The company’s overall mission is to rethink packaged items that people consume in billions of tonnes every day all around the world to be both delicious and truly healthy.”

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