EVA hails launch of Vending & Coffee Solutions Hub

By the end of May, over 1,000 industry participants had signed up for the online Vending & Coffee Solutions Hub. The European Vending Association’s learning and product exhibition platform will be available throughout the year.

The hub is a virtual location where attendees may meet significant European industry leaders at an expo, watch webinars on the latest industry trends, and schedule meetings with other vending specialists.

Six EVA seminars and webinars were held in the Auditorium area, with subjects ranging from the future of cash and digital payments to packaging advancements, shifting consumer behaviours, new business for vending, and coffee trends. Sponsors 365 Retail Markets, EVOCA Group, Vendon, Worldline, Azkoyen, and BWT Water+More contributed information about their inventions to these presentations.

The Exhibition Hall, which contained 61 booths upon opening and will remain continuously accessible during the hub’s lifespan, is another important component of the hub. During real days, participants may interact and directly contact the most relevant personnel at these booths, which allow enterprises to show their latest goods and services. Documents, brochures, and videos may all be viewed and downloaded for later study.

EVA announced that it will host further live events on the platform throughout the year, with the next one scheduled for September. The display is free to all visitors who may log in at any time throughout the year, and it functions as a “interactive business card,” allowing vending enterprises to communicate directly with one another.

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