Mother-daughter coffee shop The Remnant opening in downtown Marion

Jamie and Abigail Riffe were at a crossroads in their lives earlier this year.

Jamie had quit her position at Fahey Bank and was living at home with her daughter, who had recently graduated from Ohio Christian University and was considering a career in charity work.

Jamie established a charcuterie company, and the two discussed creating a charcuterie store, which evolved into talks about starting a coffee shop. Jamie will also offer charcuterie boxes under the moniker The Board Bee, which the mother and daughter have combined their two concepts to form The Remnant Tea and Coffee.

The business, which will open on June 29, is located at 123 W. Church Street in Marion.

“We simply concluded that downtown Marion needs a coffee shop after thinking about it and praying about it,” Jamie said. “It needs a location where people can connect, hang out, and form relationships.” A location where you can go for a stroll, have a cup of coffee, and pick up a book. If you’re a college student, come do your homework.

“We wanted something a little bit more diverse and entertaining, as well as a great relaxing ambience.”

Traditional coffee, lattes, cappuccinos, iced and cold brew coffees, as well as expresso shots, loose leaf tea, and cold brew tea, will be available at The Remnant.

On the food front, the shop will sell cookies, muffins, and cinnamon rolls, among other baked goodies.

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