Hong Kong Specialty Coffee Subscription Delivery Service Launched by BeanCurious

BeanCurious Coffee Co., a Hong Kong-based speciality coffee roaster and supplier, has introduced a new delivery and subscription service for its unique blends. The company provides a hand-picked variety of single-origin coffee beans as well as coffee accessories.

The recently announced subscription service was created to appeal to coffee connoisseurs in Hong Kong who are looking for fresh mixes and tastes.

Specialty coffee was formerly only available in coffee shops and boutique cafes, but with the increased availability of high-end coffee equipment for home usage, many coffee enthusiasts have become their own baristas. While café culture is here to stay, instant coffee is no longer the go-to option for a cup of joe, and specialised blends are becoming more popular.

BeanCurious’ coffee subscription service allows consumers to sample a variety of coffees from across the world without having to commit to a particular option. Every four weeks, the service rotates the chosen coffee beans, offering each of the blends in their collection, as well as numerous single origin speciality coffees and the odd unusual blend picked especially for subscribers.

The company’s master roaster chooses coffee samples from the greatest farms throughout the world, experimenting with roasts to bring out the bean’s inherent tastes. The majority of the coffees offered via the subscription service have a low acidity level and may be used in a number of ways.

BeanCurious Coffee Co.’s assortment is always precisely roasted, whether consumers want smooth and delicate blends, rich and fruity blends, or robust aromatic mixes. Depending on their tastes, buyers can choose between Light Roast, Dark Roast, or the famous Roaster’s Choice, with delivery occuring every 2 or 4 weeks on Fridays.

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