It’s hare: Vancouver’s first-ever Bunny Cafe opens tomorrow

The first-ever Bunny Cafe in Vancouver will open tomorrow. This week, the much-anticipated Bunny Cafe in According to the proprietor, the Bunny Cafe is the first of its type in North America. Michell Furbacher, who also owns and manages Catfe, Vancouver’s first-ever cat café, owns and operates the cafe.

The café wants to lead the way for a new wave of rabbit rescue, adoption, and activism by providing a therapeutic area for guests to engage with some lovely (and adoptable) bunnies, as well as a pleasant place for Vancouverites to visit and relax.

On the south-west corner of Commercial Drive, at 1696 Venables Street, the Bunny Cafe will open. Bookings may be made online for $15.95 (plus GST) per person, with visits lasting little under an hour.

COVID-19 has a variety of health and safety precautions in place. Visitors must wear face masks at all times while within the area, wash their hands before entering, and maintain a safe physical distance from one another. They’ll also start as a retail space, with intentions to evolve into a vegetarian and vegan-friendly café, because of the ongoing epidemic.

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