I’ve tasted instant coffees from every major producer — these 8 are the best

Instant coffee has a poor name for being overly processed and flavourless, but it’s been pushed into the contemporary coffee period in recent years. Small-batch roasters like Waka and Swift (who work with roasters like Verve and Tandem on their blends) are setting the bar high with delicious products created with cutting-edge technology.

There’s even a new instant-ish coffee segment called single-serve pour over. This is made consisting of an airtight packet of ground coffee with a mechanism that keeps the coffee bag anchored to your cup while you pour hot water over it. We usually think of instant coffee as a powder that you mix with water to make a brew, but because single-serve pour overs require the same amount of equipment and only a few more seconds of your time, we included a couple in our list as well.

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