Historic Golden Gate Bridge cafe gets revived by local coffee company

During the pandemic, the famous Round House Cafe at the San Francisco end of the Golden Gate Bridge was closed, but it is not the end of the food and drink stop.

Wafts of freshly brewed Equator coffee will greet guests as they return in the autumn of 2021.

The local 26-year-old coffee company revealed to KRON4 that it will be dropping into another Bay Area national park site, offering a variety of food items as well as its fair trade brews for hungry tourists stopping by the welcome centre to see the Golden Gate Bridge.

“We hope tourists will use this place to socialise, learn about the history of the Bay Area’s most famous monument, and enjoy a warming beverage from Equator while visiting the Bridge,” said Paolo Cosulich-Schwartz, spokeswoman for the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway & Transportation District.

“The Golden Gate Bridge symbolises who we are as a people and a country — our community joining together to conceive and build what was previously considered to be impossible,” said Helen Russell, co-founder of Equator. “For our agricultural partners, the Round House Cafe will be a fresh source of pride. Locals and visitors from all around the Bay Area will have the opportunity to sample excellent roasts and taste profiles in responsibly sourced and manufactured cups of coffee.”

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The coffee firm is the first in California to be accredited as a B-Corp, a certification that demonstrates how the company’s activities benefit its employees, community, and environment.

The Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy’s President and CEO, Chris Lehnertz, says, “The Golden Gate Bridge links us, and the restored Round House is where we’ll meet.” “We are ecstatic to collaborate with Equator Coffees, a company that shares our values of putting people and communities first.”

Faced with problems from the COVID-19 epidemic, the conservancy stated it chose to temporarily suspend its cooking operations and cafés in early 2020.

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