How you can help make a difference to the world, one coffee at a time

Does your morning Nespresso taste especially good today? Perhaps it’s the positive energy that comes with the company’s newly acquired B Corporation certification.

The global coffee company that pioneered portioned coffee has joined the growing international movement of companies, such as Stuff, that seek to use their economic power for good.

Stefan Vermeulen, country manager for Nespresso New Zealand, is proud, ecstatic, and humbled that the company has joined the B Corp movement. “For the past three decades, we’ve been producing the finest coffee, and it’s always been important to us that each cup has meaning,” he says. This is a continuation of our commitment to communities, climate, and circularity as a company that cares about these issues.

What is B Corporation accreditation?

When you see the B Corp logo on a product or service, you can rest assured that the company is employing the power of business to create a more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable world.

To achieve B Corp certification, members must demonstrate to B Lab (the non-profit that grants the certification) that they care as much about social and environmental purpose as they do about profit – and act accordingly. They intend to have a positive effect on the environment, as well as on their employees, partners, customers, and communities.

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