Americans want coffee that tastes like candy

Almond Joy! S’mores! Strawberry cheesecake! — the market for fun-flavored creamers and beans is exploding as we bring our Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks tastes into the living room.

According to the National Coffee Association, American coffee consumption is at a 20-year high, and more of us are now drinking coffee at all hours of the day, sometimes in place of a sugary snack. This pandemic-era shift in behaviour is likely to endure.

Since July of last year, coffee consumption after breakfast has increased by 15%, according to the Coffee Association.

Young people are devouring it, increasing demand for nostalgic, sugary products such as Fruity Pebbles creamer.

The rise in sales of refrigerated creamers, flavouring syrups, and coffee makers is attributed to the fact that more Americans are becoming at-home baristas.
Consumer goods companies, sensing that our home-brewing habits are here to stay, are flooding stores with new coffee products that cater to our sweet tooth while masking the original flavour.

Younger consumers are purchasing liquid stir-ins in flavours such as Twinkie, Cinnabon, M&Ms, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch, while coffee purists scoff.
Since January 2021, Gen Z members aged 18 to 24 have increased their coffee consumption by 14%.

They are not the only ones with a sweet tooth: “Millennials are driving the current, record-breaking penetration of flavoured creamers,” says Leonardo Aizpuru, leader of Nestlé’s creamer unit, which produces Coffee mate and other brands.

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