These Are The Coffee Beans To Buy If You Love Chocolate

These coffee beans should be purchased if you enjoy chocolate. Most non-coffee drinkers view coffee as a dark, bitter beverage. In reality, coffee conversations are nearly as complex as wine conversations (via Wall Street Journal). Training your palate can be an enriching experience that expands your horizons regarding coffee. For those who know what they like, however, it is sufficient to know which types of coffee will produce their prefered flavour.

Chocolate is a flavour additive that can be popular among coffee drinkers. The dark, rich tones of properly brewed coffee can elicit similar sensory responses as a bar of premium dark chocolate. In fact, these two flavours frequently complement one another. While there are flavoured coffees with chocolate flavouring added, coffee beans can also have a strong chocolate flavour without any additional ingredients.

Chocolate is one of the most prevalent coffee flavours. According to Espresso & Coffee Guide, Brazil produces sixty percent of the world’s coffee. In this country, coffee is grown between 2,000 and 4,000 feet above sea level, a much lower altitude than in Central and South America and East Africa, where coffee is also grown (via Coffee Review). According to Angry Espresso, coffee beans grown under these conditions tend to have chocolatey and nutty flavour notes. Although altitude and origins have a significant impact on the flavour of coffee, there is more to consider.

The roast and brew technique can accentuate chocolate notes. The darker the roast, the more likely it is that you will find coffee beans with a chocolatey flavour.

According to Angry Espresso, many coffee beans with a medium-dark or dark roast will have a flavour profile resembling chocolate and frequently nuts. The sugars in fresh coffee beans are able to caramelise when they are roasted. This contributes to the coffee’s cacao and chocolate flavours. These sugars tend to remain in lighter roasts, giving them a tendency towards fruitier, sweeter flavours than their counterparts (via Angry Espresso).

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