Planners turn down Costa Coffee plan for Medway City Estate near McDonald’s

Plans for a drive-through Costa Coffee location have been denied.

Goldex Investments Ltd. of Southfleet intended to construct on the Medway City Estate in Strood.

However, the proposals, which included space for a classic car warehouse, were rejected due to safety concerns regarding the access route and the loss of habitat at Whitewall Creek.

The property is currently uninhabited and overgrown with vegetation and is located close to the estate’s entrance.

In an effort to prevent lines, the units would have had a separate entrance from the neighbouring McDonald’s and Co-op gas station.

The planning department of Medway Council stated that the plans lacked sufficient detail in their flood risk assessment and transport assessment.

Consequently, it was challenging to accurately predict the impact on the surrounding roads.

The authority stated in their decision that the site is close to a waste water treatment plant, but there was no evaluation of how this could affect the development. The plans also included a parking lot with 30 spaces.

Diljit Brar, a franchisee of the coffee giant, operates Goldex, which has 50 locations in the region. Additionally, he is a co-owner of Kaspa’s Desserts.

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