The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® Unveils New Summer Menu Featuring Boba in Coffee Offerings for the First Time

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, a global specialty coffee and tea house, is launching its summer menu with four new beverages featuring boba pearls and matcha. The company is making a nationwide splash with its innovative coffee and tea offerings, following a successful pilot at select cafes last year. The summer beverage menu includes the Iced Matcha Cream Strawberry Latte, the Iced Matcha Cream Mango Latte, the Iced Brown Sugar Latte with Boba, and the Iced Ceylon Milk Tea with Brown Sugar Boba.

The global boba market is projected to reach $4.78B by 2032, and The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is introducing brown sugar boba pearls to enhance the beverage experience with an added tasty texture. The company is also introducing brown sugar as a new flavor profile in its signature coffee beverages, available as an iced latte and more.

Matcha continues to grow in popularity, with the global market size expected to reach $5.07B by 2025. The company’s premium matcha is a vibrant green powdered tea renowned for its unique preparation and potent combination of caffeine and antioxidants. The Iced Matcha Cream Strawberry Latte features a blend of premium matcha Tea, layered with strawberry puree, creamy whole milk, and decadent matcha cream cap.

In summary, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is introducing new flavors and textures to its summer menu, aiming to provide guests with a unique and delicious experience with boba pearls and matcha.

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