California University Opens the Only Center in the Nation to Study the Science of Coffee

The University of California, Davis has opened the only collegiate coffee research center in America, focusing on the societal impact of coffee. The center, which opened in May 2024, has over 50 faculty members from various departments. The 7,000-square-foot facility offers pre and post-harvest coffee science research locations, including experimental green bean storage, brewing laboratories, sensory and cupping laboratories, a chemical and analytical laboratory, and a pilot roastery. Current research areas include sustainability and re-purposing of coffee cherries, agricultural outreach and extension, fermentation microbiology, genetics, chemical degradation during green bean storage, chemical kinetics and reaction pathways during roasting, flower synchrony, energy efficiency during roasting and brewing, flavor molecules identification and characterization, food safety issues, sensory and consumer science, plant nutrient dynamics, biological effects on consumption, nutritional effects on health, agricultural economics and coffee law, and postharvest processing. UC Davis also acknowledges growing interest in understanding the social, cultural, and psychological aspects of coffee, offering opportunities for collaboration with humanities and social science programs.

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