GISE CAFFÈ and Formlabs Produce Energy-Saving Coffee Machine

GISE CAFFÈ, founded in 2021 by a team with over 40 years of experience in the coffee sector, has developed a patented closed system that produces superior quality coffee, comparable to that made by a professional bar machine. The brand is now available in over 300 multi-brand stores and opened its first store in La Spezia at the end of 2023. The 100% robust Ostro coffee has already won the Camaleonte ‘Product Award’ from the Guide of Coffee and Roasteries of Italy.

To develop this innovative system, the GISE CAFFÈ team combined traditional design and production techniques with innovative technologies like 3D printing. This technology was used to test various modifications before applying them to injection molds, saving costs and reducing time. The team chose Formlabs’ solutions for their affordability, system scalability, high performance, and ease and speed of use. This provided a significant advantage for the technical office, saving time and allowing the immediate use of the 3D printer for designing the first market-released machine, the Aura, with support from SolidManufacturing, a company of the SolidWorld Group and a Formlabs reseller in Italy.

The innovative GISE Technology dispensing system ensures the coffee quality. The machine, composed of multiple internal components, is particularly complex and includes various mechanical components. Designing it required dozens of iterations to understand the functioning of each component, from levers to supports to pivots, and their interaction with other parts. To quickly obtain parts with shape variations as small as half a millimeter, almost all functional components of the machine were 3D printed using Formlabs’ SLS technology on the Fuse 1+ printer. Paired with a wide range of industrial-quality materials, it meets the challenges of functional prototyping and production – delivering high-performance prints in less than 24 hours.

GISE CAFFÈ and Formlabs produce energy-saving coffee machines by combining traditional design and production techniques with 3D printing. The company is pleased to see how 3D printing has contributed to the creation of a new coffee machine that combines Italian tradition with energy-saving, passion for the beverage, and continuous innovation.

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