Some Of Costco’s Kirkland Brand Coffee Is Actually Roasted By Starbucks


There is no shortage of Costco items that we absolutely obsess over. From the pizza at their food court to their bottled margaritas, to the frankly irresponsibly large bags of their Kirkland trail mix I insist on keeping near me at all times, there is something for everyone. But did you know that Costco sometimes has some help bringing you your favorite items? It turns out that some of its Kirkland brand products are made by outside companies, including some of its coffee.

According to Moneywise, a ton of Kirkland products are actually manufactured by big brands and then sold under the Kirkland name. This isn’t exactly a huge surprise, as other retailers like Trader Joe’s do similar things, but honestly, I am a little shook because some of the items say it right on the packaging and I’ve just never noticed!!

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