PBR’s Hard Coffee With Alcohol And Caffeine Is Now Available Almost Everywhere In The US

From: msn.com

The familiar Blue Ribbon seal has been hitting a lot of new products lately. Earlier in 2019, it was revealed that PBR is working on a whiskey. Then there was news that it’s releasing a PBR with a higher alcohol content, a non-alcoholic version of your favorite $2 beer, Stronger Seltzer, and in July 2020, a Hard Tea.

The company is clearly looking for ways to attract new drinkers and revenue. In July 2019, its launched Hard Coffee into the world. No, it’s not diving into the hard seltzer market like loads of other breweries or even looking back to make a hard soda or other fad drinks on life support. Hard Coffee. And, yes, it contains caffeine, a representative has confirmed.

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