Your Next Iced Coffee Obsession: Mexican Café De Olla With Kahlúa


Let’s start at the beginning.

Hello, my name is Ani and I’m a coffee addict.

Seriously, I drink coffee more than any other liquid. Iced coffee. Hot coffee. Black coffee. Coffee with cream. Espresso. Lattes. Plus my most recent obsession: dirty chai lattes with two to three espresso shots. I could go on.

How addicted am I?

I own two different kinds of Keurigs and a KitchenAid Pro Espresso Maker with dual thermostats so I can steam the milk and pull the espresso shots without having to wait for the thermostat to come down in temperature. I have three different sized French presses (single, 4-cup, 8-cup) and I own 3-cup and 9-cup Bialetti Moka Pots. We also received an AeroPress this past Christmas that has already seen a rotation in the morning routine. Each has its own distinct-tasting result. I use the Keurig when I’m lazy and want coffee now, the others when I have time to enjoy the ritual of coffee making.

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