Coffee As Community: Essence Coffee Roasters Opens, Offers ‘Something To Bond Over’


The logo, Rod Dirks explains, says a lot about the essence of Essence Coffee Roasters. Three solid planes represent the three principal actors: the farmer, the roaster and the customer. The bold, intersecting lines represent roads. And finally, at the point they meet, community.

“Coffee, to me, is community,” says Dirks, watching over the roasting of beans at the newly-opened Sequim coffee shop and roasting business.

Those familiar tastes and smells can help people embrace cultural or even racial differences, Dirks says.

“Something we can have in common, something to bond over,” he says.

“It’s what I wanted to do all my life.”

With a soft opening at 461 W. Washington St. on July 22, Essence Coffee Roasters looks for a larger introduction with a grand opening sometime in early August.

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